HETA Make Simple principle of mechanics and magnetism harnessed to offer an absolutely safe, reliable and trustworthy level indicator for dangerous and toxic liquids under high pressure and temperature. As the liquid level rises in the tank, the float is lifted up due to buoyancy. The float carries a stem attached to it and on the other side of the stem a magnet is fixed. The float stem moves inside an SS enclosure. External to this enclosure is a glass tube, which carries the magnetic Capsule Design (Red & Black Colour) OR Rotating Roller Design. Due to magnetic attraction, the magnet on the float stem and the magnetic follower are coupled and move in union. As the float moves along with the liquid, the Capsule also moves inside the glass tube, and the position of the follower can be read against the scale.

Suitable for Liquids Alkalies / Solvents / Oils Lubricants / Liquid Gases stored in Underground OR Over ground Tanks.
Density / Sp. gravity Minimum 0.6
Viscosity Up to 250 cp
Design Temperature Up to 230°c
Design Pressure Up to 7 Kg/cm²
Tank Height (Range) Up to 4000 mm
Material of wetted Parts MS/CS/SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L / PTFE Lined SS/PVC/PP
Connection Flanged to ASA/BS/DIN/Triclover

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